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The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce its call for the 2014 Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in the following  Anglophone West Africa countries: Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia

This update provides information on the program and the application process. The submission deadline for the LDP applications is 11TH JULY, 2014

Download application form here

The Leadership Development Programme is designed for nascent LGBT activists within the Anglophone West African Region (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia).

The programme aims to develop these LGBT activists across the region to participate in local and sub-regional advocacy that improves the protection and promotion of the human rights for LGBT people.The program will also provide the opportunity to strengthen participants’capacity in responding to local LGBT needs.

Selected participants will attend a 10 days induction training in Nigeria. The training will serve as a platform to discuss current issues faced by local communities, and strategies that can be adopted to respond to these needs. Following the training, participants will participate in an internship program (over a maximum of six months) at an organization in their home country.

During the internship, LDP participants will design and implement LGBT project with the host organization. Participants will also be attached to a mentor during their internship program; the mentor will further provide support to them on building specific skills and providing guidance and support during the implementation of the LGBT-focused project.

With support from TIERs staff, participants will also participate in a facilitated community dialogue with local activists, organizations, and the LGBT community in their country to build a more collaborative and participatory approach for identifying and implementing various strategies that affect LGBT people.

TIERs will cover all costs associated with the training, internship stipends, and community dialogues.

Who Should Apply?

TIERs is seeking diverse participation of activists in the LDP. This will place preference on individuals who are often under represented in West African LGBT movements – particularly lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. Participants should also be intent on sharing knowledge gained through the program with other community members, and in participating with other local stakeholders also involved in LGBT work.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should be individuals intent on professionalizing their activist skills to engage in advocacy that promotes and protects the human rights of LGBT people in their country.

Interested applicants should submit their application no later than 11TH JULY, 2014 to referencing LGBT-LDP 2014 in the subject

Please share this information with your partners and colleagues in the targeted countries, and we look forward to receiving your application!


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  1. With the growing increase of anti LGBT legislation across Africa it is important that members of the LGBT community have the requisite leadership skills to champion their own cause taking the lead in engaging those that are responsible to ensuring that rights are enjoyed despite people SOGI and i think the Leadership Development Program 2014 is a commendable start.

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