The Initiative For Equal Rights

What You Can Do


The Initiative 4 Equality offers paid internship opportunities for young persons {minimum age of 18 years} who wish to broaden their knowledge on sexual health and the development and advocacy of  human rights in Nigeria. We have two internship spots yearly and make public announcements for applications.

Please check the News page for latest updates on internship opportunities at TIERs.

Donate to Us

We exist to advocate for, and defend the rights of minorities. While we only have 22 full-time staff, our work extends around Nigeria, and we reach thousands of people every year. We’re 100% independent, and run almost entirely on donations from allies, like you.

If you donate the equivalent of one portion of suya or a pizza, it can go a long way in ensuring that we keep winning the battles that matter to all of us, and defending those who otherwise would fall through the cracks.

Please donate today via our paga platform HERE or email us for alternate means of donating on

Spread the Word

You can support the work we do at The Initiative 4 Equality by sharing our Media ProjectsResources, and educating yourself and the people around you about Human Rights.