The Initiative For Equal Rights

About The Initiative 4 Equality

About Us

The Initiative 4 Equality is a Nigeria-based registered non-profit organization working to create a society where human rights in Nigeria are guaranteed regardless of status, identity, orientation and affiliation. We exist to protect, uphold and promote the rights and humanity of all Nigerians through advocacy, empowerment, education, and the provision of safe platforms of convergence. We were founded in 2005 as a response to the discrimination and marginalization of sexual minorities and LGBTQ+ community in both HIV prevention programming, human rights protection, advocacy, and mainstream human rights work.

Brand Values


We respect everyone, regardless of who or what they are and we expect people who work with us (either as partners or employees) to do same while we work on ensuring this becomes the norm in our society.


We are aware that a world where you are treated differently can feel very lonely, however, we are here with you. We have your interests at heart and we’ll fight to ensure you get the rights you deserve


We extremely care about the world and ensuring equality in it and as such we’ll do everything within our power to ensure we can get equality for all and not for some.


No human should be treated less human than any human and whenever these situations arise, we will speak up, condemn and work to ensure human rights in Nigeria is guaranteed regardless of identity, orientation and affiliation.


Equality for all and not for some.


We are a courageous people. We are not afraid to take on the world in the pursuit of our goal.