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Statement on the Egbeda 57 Case #AcquitThe57

On the 27th of October, 2020, the case of the 57 men who were arrested two years ago on false charges was struck out.

While this is good news that the men no longer have to show up in court repeatedly to defend this charge, we are disappointed that the case has been struck out instead of being dismissed.⁣

A dismissal means that the individuals are free of all charges and the case can’t be brought up again in any court of law. However, a strikeout means that they are free to go away now, but the police can arrest them again anytime in the future on these same charges.

Since it was found that the Prosecution lacks evidence for the crimes alleged, the proper order should have been a dismissal. As it stands now, we see that the justice system has again failed to mete out justice.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to demand justice. We do not take your support for granted, and we hope that you will continue to use your voice to speak up against injustice. Thank you!

Read the case timeline here

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  1. I still wonder if there’s justice in Nigeria at all. All the 57 arrested, if arrested again without committing any crime as lied upon them earlier…. What will be the verdict?

    I can’t understand why every man can’t live at peace with one another. Moreso, the real victims are the law makers.

    We need help!

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