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Application for the LGBT community Fund- A New Initiative empowering LGBT individual in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria.


The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is pleased to announce the call for application for the LGBT community fund

The LGBT community Fund is a local initiative that polls resources from members of the LGBT community and their allies in order to increase economic empowerment for other LGBT community members across Nigeria

The Fund is expected to increase the economic power of the Nigerian LGBT community and strengthen community involvement and ownership in the fight for LGBT equality in Nigeria. Accordingly, the Fund is intended solely for LGBT persons living in Nigeria.

Interested applicants should download the application form and the guidelines at the bottom of this post.  The completed form should be returned to: as an email attachment, together with scanned copies of any other supporting documents.

Only applications sent through the provided email address will be considered. Applications should be submitted latest by March 31st, June 30, and September 30 of each year.

Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered during the next review period. Successful applicants will be selected by the Application Review Board which deliberates at the end of every quarter.

To learn more about the LGBT community fund please  email Please download guideline, read carefully before filling your application form.

Download- Fund Application Guidelines

Download- LGBT Community Fund Application 


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  1. if we are self employed and can take care of ourselves the we will be at low risk of abuse and violence and we can easily convince others to trust us and defend us.

  2. I totally agree with u @cross roboh, most of us cant come out due to inability to cater for ourselves expecially we students who depend on family support, it will be great if we can stand strong financially so I’m hopeful

  3. A great step in the right direction… more power to you guys! Economic empowerment indeed strengthens our voice and societal relevance as well as help shatter the stereotyping… enough said…

  4. hello good morning my name is romaric nelson have been trying to download the application but its no being possible can i please know whats wrong

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Please click on the Fund Application Guidelines and LGBT Community Fund Application to download the forms. Let us know if you are still having issues.

  5. I really like this idea of you guys coming out to help on dis our community LGBT fund i think is really a good tin bcs it’s going to be of a great relief and free of public stigma as well. Bcs it’s only wen you a gud business or gud job dat we can be free frm dey masses pointing finger at us even in our own home n families tnx God bless you all.

  6. Honestly, I’m glad this kind of project is being implemented for our gay brothers and sisters. I agree completely with the comment that financial dependency is one of the reasons why LGBT persons here in our country have been scared of accepting who they are. I believe strongly, this exercise will help encourage acceptance and also encourage involvements in equal rights movement. We won’t stop till our rights are granted. In solidarity we stand.

  7. this is beautiful, just contacted them on phone, this will go a long way in our protection and self worth.

    1. Please follow the process and submit and application. Kindly ensure you follow the guideline.

  8. this is a very wonderful work… but i wanna ask what is the maximum and minimum amount of fund you can give to someone?

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