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Super Falcons’ Coach Combats Lesbianism

Eucharia Uche

Akoro Joseph Sewedo
Arcus correspondent


Super falcons’ Coach Eucharia Uche combats lesbianism in the Nigerian female team. Regarding lesbianism as a spiritual warfare, she said, “I came to realize it is not a physical battle; we need divine intervention in order to control and curb it.”

No sooner was she hired as the first female coach of Nigeria’s powerful women’s national soccer team, than she expressed her concern about the act of lesbianism amongst the female player, which she described as a “worrisome experience” as a seminar. “It’s a worrisome experience that some of out players indulge in lesbianism. Some of them go as far as renting rooms in hotels around the team’s campsite where they go to satisfy their orgy” she said and Nigerian sun reported.

Proud of a battle fought she said “we now have a bunch of players that are thirsty for the things of God and with that, they are now more committed and devoted to their games, knowing that football can attract fame, fortune and joy to their hearts quite unlike lesbianism that can ruin them. The Christians among them now go to church and on our own, we periodically organise non-denominational prayer sessions.”

“We have seen the result of our efforts and I can tell you that lesbianism is now a thing of the past in the camp of the Super Falcons,” the coach stated

It is important of note that the news about lesbianism professed by the coach is mere hearsay. Uche said she had never witnessed her own players participating in homosexual activity. Instead, she said she had relied on rumours, speculation and news media accounts, to form her belief that lesbian behaviour had been common in the Nigerian team.

Justifying her belief in the rumours, she said “When rumours are strong, you are bound to believe it is happening,” said in a telephone interview from Nigeria’s World Cup training camp in Saafelden, Austria.