The Initiative For Equal Rights

Nigeria, WhereLoveIsACrime

Love is a crime

LGBTI persons in Nigeria face discrimination and stigma due to socio-religious and cultural prejudices and these affects the way we are portrayed by the mainstream media.

Negative media reporting has increased the level of violence against LGBTI persons and enshrined homophobia into the social fabric. Hence the need for alternative platform to tell our own story, the kind of narratives you will not read in the Nigerian media. is one such platform, a site documenting our struggles, our resistance, our beauty, the joy and pain of our infinitely rich realities. It will showcase our numerous attempts at challenging repressive laws and socio-cultural norms.

We anticipate that this site will create an enabling space for LGBT persons to share our stories and experiences without any form of alteration, defamation or misrepresentation by mainstream media. We also hope that the site will serve as a medium to educate and enlighten the public of the real issues faced by LGBTI persons in Nigeria.

We encourage you to visit the site with an open mind and get informed, get educated and participate in the joyous and painful reality of our complex life.

We are here and we are Nigerians, daring to live and love where love is a crime.