The Initiative For Equal Rights

Nigeria LGBT Organization Commences Internship Program

Akoro Joseph Sewedo
Arcus Correspondent

Nigeria LGBT organization- The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) begins a 5months internship program for three young LGBT persons in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Funded by the American Jewish World Service, TIERs establishes an internship program that is aimed at developing the potentials of young LGBT persons in any of their chosen career or vocation. In addition, develop their organizational/project management skills.

“These interns will be working with all units of TEIRs from August –December 2011. The Objective of this internship is to groom members of the LGBT community in life and career skills that can position them to take up leadership in the community and in their lives.” said Ekene Okwuegbunam- TIERs’ Security Protection Officer and Human Rights program associate.

“Therefore it is intended that they benefit from a range of competencies and experience from all of TIERs units.” Ekene concluded.

The internship program is in two phases and will have three persons for each phase. The current phase welcomed two males and one female as pioneering interns. They resumed on Monday 8th August 2011, by a formal orientation of
the TIERs as an organization.

All interns will work directly at different times as assigned in the Human Rights and Sexual health unit of TEIRs, and will be assigned various duties by the associate of that department; interns will however have collective activities and duties that they will be assigned on needs basics.

Interns will be expected to build skills in the following areas; Proposal writing, report writing, program budgeting, project design & implementation, community mobilization & organizing, data collection & analysis and administration.

Interns will submit a monthly progress report by the 25th of every month
of the internship period, and a final report by the 16th of December 2011. Upon conclusion of their internship program, each intern will submit a project plan for technical assistance from TIERs.