The Initiative For Equal Rights

Celebrating IDAHOT with TIERS –

Picture IDAHO

TIERs 2014 IDAHOT event with theme “freedom of Expression” will be showcasing selected activities which would be used to depict negativity of homophobia and promotion of acceptance in any society. This will be expressed through art, and other forms of creativity.


Book Reading: Jude Dibia’s Walking with Shadows

Ebele Njoko had survived a forlorn and poignant childhood, concealing a secret he could not explain and craving the love and approval of his parents. Years later, he reinvents himself and is now known and respected as Adrian Njoko, father, husband, brother and mentor. One phone call and his life as he knows it is changed forever.

In coming to terms with his dark secret, Adrian is forced to choose between keeping his family or accepting a life of possible loneliness and rejection.

 Movie screening: BASHMENT

J. J. (Joel Dommett) is on the cusp of wowing the crowds and winning the Urban Slam finals with his lyrical prowess. However, not only is he white, he’s also from the countryside, and furthermore he’s gay – three things that don’t mix well in London’s outlaw urban music scene. After outing himself on stage and falling foul of rivals, the Illford Illmaniacs, the savage beating of his boyfriend Orlando (Marcus Kai) changes all their lives forever as adversity forces them to tackle their own perceptions of sexuality, race, and class in ways they could never have imagined.

Talk Show based on societal acceptance and internal homophobia

The talk show will be focusing on the message of the movie “Bashment” and the general perception of homosexuality in the Nigeria context, the show will feature guests with different perception of acceptance of homosexuality in Nigeria, and discussing ways through which acceptance can be accomplished in a society such as N

This show would be as informal as possible to give room for effective participation of all present and a forum for answer and questions relating to current situation faced by LGBTI persons in Nigeria.