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The Nigerian LGBT community has been living on the margins of society due to prejudice, discriminatory laws and policies and various human rights violations. This marginalised population suffers human rights violations without legal redress.

This make access to services difficult for LGBTI persons who may need legal aid, counseling on sexuality issues, referral to other services like psychosocial services, LGBTI friendly health care facilities, HIV testing and counseling, and legal support.

This reality led to the establishment of the toll free line to serve the LGBTI community in bridging the gap of access to services online and real time. The toll free line will be available 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) and free to call from any network in Nigeria, yes FREE to call.

Also, there will be non-toll free lines that will be available to call 24hours, Monday to Sunday. These lines are also available on WHATSAPP. (The cost varies depending on the service provider network and their tariff plans, location and time of the individual making the call).

The Toll free line is: 0800CALLTIERS (0800225584377)

The Non-toll free lines are: 07011472241, 08146337128

Further, to increase the reach of the services of the call consultants, they can also be reached through BlackBerry Messenger also known as BBM. The BBM pin are; 2BCA210C or 2BCA210B

We encourage that you share this information among your network to ensure more people have access to information that can be useful when needed. We hope that this will increase access to information by LGBTI community members across Nigeria.

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  1. […] A toll-free line for LGBTI Nigerians who need legal aid, counseling on sexuality issues, or referrals to services such as psychosocial counseling, LGBTI-friendly health care facilities and HIV testing or counseling. The toll-free line is available in Nigeria from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at 0800CALLTIERS (0800225584377).  The same services are also available 24/7 on two non-toll-free lines (07011472241 and 08146337128). […]

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